Guilty Pleasure

KD! Every once in a while, mostly when I’m on my own for dinner, I will give in and make Kraft dinner. And by once in a while I mean three times a year, at most. I can’t explain what comes over me, perhaps it is some kind of nostalgia for dinner while at university, or maybe I secretly crave simulated cheese flavouring. Today was such a day. Except that this time I opted for the egg noodle type instead of the original macaroni – my advice: stick with the original. I thought that I would be getting more protein with the egg noodle variety, but the reality is, KD had such little nutritional value that you don’t need to worry about not getting your recommended daily quota of protein, just jump back onto that wagon tomorrow.

I did learn today however, that KD does not have any trans fats, and it does give you 80% of your recommended daily quota of Folate, so I guess it’s not all bad. All the same, after my KD indulgence, I proceeded to eat a bowl of blueberries with the hope that their anti-oxidant properties would somehow absolve me for consuming dinner from a box!

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