A Birthday Feast

In celebration of my sister’s imminent 31st birthday (of course I can’t believe my little sister is turning 31!), we had two incredibly delicious meals at my parents home. “Groveland”, as we fondly refer to it, is where every meal is eagerly anticipated and immensely enjoyed. Whether my mum has whipped up an old family favourite or something new that she wanted to try, every meal there is spectacular! More often than not, we get to go home with little packages of left overs that can be savoured the following day.

For brunch we had fresh cherries and white peaches, a spinach fritata, pancakes, stewed apricots with fresh cream, and pots and pots of fresh coffee. Between naps in the shade of the garden, we grazed on fresh watermelon and homemade Calabrese Cake, which is a delicious cake with a bread like consistency, baked with a layer of apricot preserve – great as dessert, with tea or for breakfast!

Dinner was the ultimate Indian buffet – shrimp curry, chicken curry, basmati rice with peas, lentils, fish cakes, chutney and a green salad. Every morsel is mouth-wateringly good. Someday I will learn to cook these things and provide recipes for them, but until then you’ll have to take my word that this is the best Indian food you could get anywhere.

Dessert was another family tradition, a Belgian chocolate cake from Dufflet, complete with candles for making a wish. All of this was accompanied by a bottle of Veuve Clicquot which is robust enough to withstand the flavours of Indian food. Besides, there is nothing like a glass of champagne to happily toast the day of one’s birth. And as if all of this wasn’t enough, we also got our pick from the Groveland veggie patch to take home! it doesn’t get any better than this.

Happy Birthday M!
Veuve! Dufflet's Belgian Chocolate Cake Mum's delicious Calabrese cake, yummy Tomatoes from the veggie patch

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