Cook Much Lately?

Sadly, no. But I have an excuse. Mr Vin de Table and I decided to make the effort to get out to Toronto’s International Film Festival this year, and take the opportunity to enjoy it, since it is right in our back yard. Because of the festival’s schedules (sometimes two films a day), meals consisted of a slice of pizza here, a sandwich there and a few restaurants in between. One was an old standby for good quality Thai food, the other was a new place (at least new for us), La Palette, where the steak frites and moules frites were delicious, but the decor could use some work. The other typically Toronto thing about it is that it’s a French restaurant, in the middle of Chinatown. So between standing next to Juliette Binoche at the premiere of Quelques Jours en Septembre, and sightings of Demi Moore and Ashton Kucher at Bymark, it has been a hectic, but enjoyable few days. I am however, looking forward to an autumn of lots of home cooked meals, and entertaining family and friends.

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