Brunch at Xacutti

Xacutti is one of our favourite restaurants in Toronto; the chef there does a great job with “Indian fusion”; but only recently did we think to try it out for brunch. The brunch does not dissapoint! The menu has traditional brunch favourites: pancakes, crepes, waffles, but with just enough of a twist to make it worthwhile to have to wait a few minutes for a table on a Sunday. The scrambled eggs are served in a “papadum” with toasted naan and mango chutney on the side. The eggs benedict is served on delicious dense fresh baked biscuits, and for those so inclined, Chef Brad Moore has included a Bengal Chicken curry on the menu. I always find that a good cup of coffee is a must with any brunch, and the cappucino at Xacutti is one of my favourites; not sure how they get the foam as silky as they do, it tops a very worthy freshly brewed cup of Illy coffee.

Xacutti Restaurant
503 College Street
Toronto, ON M6G 1A5

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