It has been a while…

It amazes me how time seems to fly by sometimes, and I have nothing substantial to show for it. I wonder if everyone has that same feeling. I can not believe that Christmas is but a month away, and now like every year, I vow that I will be more organised than the previous year… cards will be written and mailed early, gifts will be purchased early, and never again will I drive around to six different supermarkets to buy sugar to make treats on December 23rd. I will let you know how I do this year.

Over the last couple of weeks we have buried ourselves in work and have hunkered down, because the cold weather is here. The only bright spark food wise over the last few days was dinner at Restaurant Celestin in Toronto. The chef/owner, Pascal Ribreau was written about in this local publication, which of course got us curious enough to take a night off work and try it out. The food was delicious, the ambience was quiet and romantic and it was exactly what we needed. I ate lobster that was positively sublime. It was poached in butter, and every bite just seemed to melt in my mouth. Mr VdeT was predictable in his menu choices (if you guessed foie gras, you would be right), and enjoyed everything immensely. Dessert probably deserves a post by itself, but suffice it to say, leave room, you will not regret it.

In staying in and keeping warm, I have wandered farther afield in the blog world too. I just started reading this blog, which will become a staple (thank you TR for pointing this one out). I have gone back to some old stand-by’s as well; having read this one since the start, I only just realised that there is a small section entitled Cooking, and having eaten more than my fair share of those cupcakes, I commend that and her other recipes to you.

For those of you south of the border, celebrating Thanksgiving later this week, if you need any last minute help for dinner, Megnut has done an amazing job of pulling together all the best recipes. Happy Thanksgiving to you, and to everyone else, happy buy nothing day on Friday…I wonder if that means food too…

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