Amused and then some…

To celebrate my birthday earlier this week, Mr. Vin de Table surprised me with dinner at Amuse-Bouche, a place that had been on our list to try for sometime. The cosy little restaurant has warm red walls, and is on a quiet neighbourhood street and has the perfect ambience for a dinner for two, especially on a wintery January night when you can watch big fluffly snowflakes fall outside. The two owner/chefs do classic French cuisine with just enough of a tropical twist to make sure that you are paying attention to every bite.

We opted to try a seven course menu degustation, and we waited with anticipation for every course. There was everything from scallop carpacio to butter poached lobster. One of our favourite courses was seared foie gras with a miniature sticky toffee pudding – heaven on a plate. The main course was a perfectly seared duck breast with a beet and bitter lemon ravioli. Dessert was a creative rooibos panna cotta served with a rooibos jelly, along side a lemon cream macaron.

Another first for us was that we took in our own bottle of wine. The laws in Ontario were changed in 2005 to allow for restaurant patrons to “bring your own wine”, and restaurants are allowed to charge a corkage fee. It always seemed awkward, how do you carry in the wine? how do you know what wine to take, given that you don’t know what you will be eating? This time, we thought we would try it with a bottle of Champagne, figuring that we could eat just about anything with it. The servers just took our bottle from us, along with our coats – there was no awkwardness at all. We will definitely do it again.

In addition to the delicious meal, the service was courteous, very knowledgeable and friendly. This restaurant will now be added to the list of places in the city that we would like to go back to.

96 Tecumseth Street
Toronto, Ontario

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