Disappearing Act

We promise, this is not a permanent thing, we have legit excuses. We have both been out of the country on business and are now faced with the fun task of packing our belongings in preparation for a house move. We have spent the last few days questioning, among other things, the rationale for holding on to things like commemorative shooter glasses from first year university residence. How does one manage to accumulate so much stuff? While I plan to keep every copy of Food and Drink magazine that I have collected over time, I’m not sure if we need to keep every publication that makes its way into our home, food and wine related or not. And this coming from a person who has mistakenly believed that she had no pack-rat ways about her. As if…

Needless to say, we have not done any cooking, and meals have consisted of supermarket sourced soups, salad, humus, other dips and the like. I am very much looking forward to getting back to homemade dinners, perhaps some baking, and of course some related blogging.

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